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Cockerill Turret Offers Range Of Weapons

The newly renamed John Cockerill firm in Belgium offers a family of turrets that can accommodate a variety of weapons. The Cockerill 3000 Series can be fitted with guns from 25-mm to 50-mm or 90-mm or 105-mm direct-fire cannons. Different weapons can be easily swapped out; the turret can be modified from the autocannon to the direct-fire configuration in 48 hours. A two-round anti-tank missile launcher can be mounted on either or both sides of the turret. A variety of sensor and self-defense systems can also be fitted.

The Cockerill 3000 Series turret (at left) is available in crewed and remotely operated variants. It can be equipped for hunter/killer engagements. A computerized fire-control system supports the engagement of moving and stationary targets. The turret system has been evaluated by a number of countries and selected by Saudi Arabia for its new LAV 6 infantry fighting vehicles. The 105-mm variant may also equip Indonesia's planned X18 fire-support boats.

New Hydrographic Ships To Serve All Of Russia's Coasts

The Russian navy is building a class of small hydrographic ships to perform a variety of auxiliary missions. In addition to hydrographic work, the Vaygach-class ships can be used to install navigation buoys, transport cargo to remote coastal navigation stations and lighthouses and conduct oceanographic and hydrometeorological research. The ships are powered by a diesel-electric powerplant driving two propellers. An eight-ton crane is fitted. The hull is reinforced for operations in ice.

The class has a range of 3,500 nm and an endurance of 25 days. Cruise speed is 12.5 knots. The first three ships in the Vaygach class (at right) are in service. The fourth was launched in June and a fifth is under construction. The latter, laid down in January 2019, is expected to be completed by 2022 and will be assigned to the Pacific Fleet. When in service, three ships will serve with the Pacific Fleet; one with the Baltic Fleet; and one with the Northern Fleet.  

Sea Oryx Missile To Protect Taiwanese Warships

Taiwan is developing a new short-range surface-to-air missile system for naval and land applications. The Sea Oryx will initially equip small- and medium-sized vessels, according to the manufacturer, the Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology. The system consists of an eight- or 16-cell box launcher and fires the Sea Oryx missile, a variant of the Taiwanese Tien Chien 1 air-to-air missile. It can operate in a standalone configuration or be integrated with a ship's combat management system.

The Sea Oryx (at left) is designed to defeat cruise missiles, anti-radar missiles, small drones, helicopters and low-flying aircraft. The Taiwanese navy plans to fit the system on its Tuo Chiang-class missile craft. It may also equip planned guided-missile destroyers. A land-based variant is under development, which would be used to defend strategic sites from cruise missiles. The Sea Oryx missile has a range of 5 miles (8 km) and features an imaging infrared sensor, inertial navigation system and onboard data link.

Boeing 777s Serve Japanese VIPs
Additional records new to the database include the Boeing 777, in service for VIP duties with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force; Russian BT-3F amphibious armored personnel carrier; the MX-25 sensor turret; the U.S. Ocean Trader special operations support vessel; and the Polish Gluptak mine destruction system.

Updates this month include the MBDA Enhanced Modular Air Defense Solutions (EMADS), which is known under several names, including the British Sky Sabre; the M163 and M167 Vulcan air defense cannons; the Russian 2S9 Nona and 2S1 Gvozdika and Chinese PLZ-07 howitzers; and the Swiss 25-mm KBA cannon.

Aircraft updates include the GQM-163 Coyote supersonic target drone; Israeli Harpy and Hermes 450 air vehicles and Kfir fighter jet; and the Chinese H-5 bomber.

French Tugs More Than Pull Their Weight
The French Abeille Flandre- and Abeille Bourbon-class salvage tugs and Tunisian Ain Zaghouan-class water tanker records have been brought up to date. The Chinese EM-52 rocket-propelled rising mine has also been updated.

Other records made current include the HALO artillery locating sensor system; the IRS-20MP surveillance radar; and the South African helicopter-mounted Stand-Alone Weapon System. The M18A1 anti-personnel and ATM-7 anti-tank mines have also been updated.

Islamist Militants Target Health Centers In DRC
There is a new record for the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorist group, which is active in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. It is known for targeting health centers in the region. The orders of battle for the Republic of Congo and Latvia have been updated.

Right-Wing Violence Poses Growing Threat
August was a bloody month due to attacks by right-wing gunmen in the U.S. and abroad. Andy Oppenheimer takes a look at the current rise of right-wing violence and the challenges such militant groups pose in his report, "The Enemy Within."

Native Papuans in Indonesia's easternmost provinces have long fought for independence from Jakarta. Since a major attack on workers building a highway across Papua province in December 2018, there has been an increase in clashes. Nations Editor Kevin Ivey reviews the history of the conflict and the growing unrest in "Papuan Powder Keg."