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SS-N-7 Starbright anti-ship missile

Country of Origin: Russia


The SS-N-7 was the Soviet navy's first underwater-launched, anti-ship cruise missile and was similar to the French Exocet. It was deployed only in CHARLIE I-class nuclear-propelled guided-missile submarines (SSGNs). The SS-N-7 was succeeded in later CHARLIE II-class SSGNs by the SS-N-9, which had about twice the range of the earlier missile.

The missile was a stubby winged rocket with shoulder-mounted cropped delta wings with trailing edge controls and tri-form tail surfaces.


No longer in service.

Initial operational capability (IOC) in 1968. About 100 missiles of this type were reported to have been manufactured by 1991.

In May of 1988, the Indian government leased the Russian submarine CHAKRA -- an ex-Soviet CHARLIE I class boat. It was reported to have been delivered without SS-N-7 missiles; however, the Indian government would not confirm this (it is very possible that the SS-N-7s were not delivered, since a cruise missile submarine could have badly disrupted the power balance in the region, something the Soviets probably did not desire at the time). This submarine was returned to the Soviet Union in the January 1991 and was later discarded.


 Chelomey design bureau (now MPO Mashinostroeniya)/OKB-52, Moscow, Russia.


   Total                   7,440 lb (3,375 kg)

   Length                  22 ft  0 in (6.71 m)

   Engine                  1 x solid-fuel rocket

   Speed                   Mach 0.9
      maximum              35 nm (40.0 mi, 65.0 km)
      practical            27 nm (31.0 mi, 50.0 km)
      minimum               4 nm ( 1.3 mi,  2.2 km)

   Warhead                 1,100-lb (500-kg) high-explosive; or
                           200 kiloton nuclear warhead

                           autopilot over most of flight
                           low-altitude flight profile but not sea-skimming
                           terminal homing is either active J-band radar
                              homing or passive radar homing

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