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Researchers Reveal Key Ballistic Missile Site

Source: Nbc News

January 22 2019

North Korea

Analysts have identified a new North Korean ballistic missile site, one of as many as 20 undisclosed facilities, according to a new report cited by NBC News. 

North Korean officials have not revealed the existence of the Sino-ri Missile Operating Base, according to the report released on Monday by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Washington, D.C.). 

Sino-ri, about 130 miles (210 km) north of the demilitarized zone with South Korea, is believed to be a ballistic missile launch site. It is the headquarters of the Korean People's Army's Strategic Rocket Forces missile brigade, which is one of the units responsible for ballistic missile development.

Satellite imagery of the site shows defensive measures, including an entrance to an underground bunker, hardened shelters and shielding to protect from artillery fire and airstrikes. 

Sino-ri was used to launch Pyongyang's first Scud missiles and its No Dong medium-range ballistic missile, reported USA Today.

It may have also played a role in developing the Pukkuksong-2 (KN-15) medium-range ballistic missile, which debuted in February 2017. 

The report reveals six other new sites not included in a November CSIS report. Researchers at the think tank have identified a total of 20 suspected nuclear missile sites around the country that Pyongyang has attempted to keep hidden. 

The secrecy is likely an effort to enhance the North Korean bargaining position, said the report.

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