Arm your PC with Military Periscope. For more than two decades, it’s been the premier online service for accurate open-source global defense information.

No more searching through cumbersome, hard-to-use reference guides. No more wondering if the information you found is already outdated. At you get the latest defense data available today — quickly, easily, with just the click of a button.

Military Periscope is an extensive professional information tool with an annual subscription starting at only a few thousand dollars. Site licenses are available based on number of users. To learn more about our full service subscription, click here. Special Reports and Daily Defense News Capsules, included in the full service subscription, are also available on an individual service basis.

Our researchers detail the composition of land, sea and air forces of more than 165 nations, including equipment, personnel strength and structure. Plus, you get information on deployment, plans, programs and budgets. And, in relevant cases, we report on each country’s alliances, opposition and paramilitary forces. >>>

Scores of terrorist organizations, as designated by the
U.S. State Department and other authorities, are included in this unique database. Each organization profile has an overview, stated purpose, strength, external aid, current activities, group chronology and more. >>>

Check out the latest news—from hundreds of sources worldwide—about wars, military engagements, weapons sales and transfers, and more, all delivered to your desktop daily by 9 a.m. EST. >>>

Featuring more than 6,500 weapons, systems and platforms worldwide, this state-of-the-art research tool is known globally for its thorough and accurate information. All weapons are grouped by type, most with photographs and cross-referenced when appropriate. Weapons are also linked to the countries that possess them. >>>

Military Periscope’s network of reporters around the globe provides insights in timely reports on defense topics making headlines. >>>

Military Periscope provides up-to-date facts and figures
on United Nations peacekeeping missions worldwide,
including maps, scope of the mission, operational strength, participating countries, budget figures, chronologies and more. >>>

World Factbook
This encyclopedia-like resource originally prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency breaks down geography, people, economy, government and transportation for each country in the Nations' Armed Forces database.

State Department Travel Reports and Advisories
Before you travel anywhere in the world, check the State Department Travel Reports. Learn about entry requirements, crime, medical facilities, medical insurance, traffic and road conditions, criminal penalties, children’s issues and more.

Pentagon Blue Tops
Details on Department of Defense contract awards valued at more than $1 million.

Research and Development Descriptive Summary
Access budget figures for the Air Force, Army, Navy, DARPA, MDA, WHS/OSD and other agencies.

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