About Us

Developed by the United States Naval Institute in 1986, Military Periscope, has become the world’s easiest-to-use, most up-to-date, open-source military database. For over 30 years, Military Periscope has put facts and information for more than 165 nations and 7,500 weapons systems at the fingertips of our users.

We provide information on the world’s military systems, orders of battle, equipment inventories, plans, and programs. 

Among our existing customers, we serve:

  • National governments

  • Defense and intelligence agencies

  • Military commands and libraries

  • Industry and defense contractors

  • Educational institutions

  • News and media organizations

  • Embassies

  • Individual subscribers

Military Periscope is comprised of a daily news portal and three databases that provide information on the following:

  • Nation’s Armed Forces - Features complete details about air, ground, naval, special warfare, paramilitary and strategic forces for 165 nations. Plus, information on deployment plans, programs and budgets.

  • Weapon Systems – Provides detailed overview and illustrations of more than 7,500 weapons, systems and platforms from across the globe.

  • Terrorist Organizations – In-depth details on about every international terrorist group as defined by the U.S. State Department, including their history with an annual chronology of their terrorist activities.

Military Periscope also offers individual subscriptions to the Daily Defense News Capsules (email delivery and online access). The Special Reports are also available by individual purchase or through a subscription.

Military Periscope is proud to be an approved FEDLINK member. (Service ID: UC and Contract Number: LCFDL19D0065). As a FEDLINK vendor, we are able to offer discounted pricing to FEDLINK members. 



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